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Organisation of the appellations

The appellations of Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh are part of the Interprofession of the Wines of the Southwest located in Toulouse.

Particularly original as Madiran is an appellation that only produces reds and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, a small, little known appellation that gives sweet and dry whites. These two appellations coexist in the same production area for the great enjoyment of their enthusiasts.

ODG and Interprofessional section

Two entities within the same house

The ODG (Defence and Management Organisation) : develops and contributes to the implementation of the bill of specifications for the product (specific characteristics of the product, production area), the rules of production, transformation. The organisation carries out the inspections relating to the bill of specifications of the AOC and issues an opinion on the check or inspection plan drawn up with the inspection body.
It participates in actions of defence and protection of the name, the product and the terroir, in promotional operations and valorisation of the product as well as the economic knowledge of the sector.

The Interprofessional branch for the Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh : 5 appellations in the southwest have chosen to form ‘sections’ and for each to have their own communication officers. Attached to the IVSO, one of their 4 main missions is the marketing and promotion on the qualitative wine markets. The heads of communication are based in their respective appellation zones and take care of the specific communication for their appellations. They also provide the link with the Interprofession.


Adapt and evolve

Concerning the work in the vineyard, the wine growers in the appellation over the last few years, have questioned the conventional cultivation methods in order to evolve towards a more sustainable agriculture, some have even taken the steps towards organic agriculture. Moreover, since 2010, we have seen an abundance of new styles of wines emerging, resulting from different fermentation and ageing methods and often carried out from young vines: proof that the appellation is constantly in motion !


The secret of the Madiran appellation rests on the strength of the collective of passionate and committed men and women who are able to challenge, innovate and surpass themselves.

Madiran solidarity is not a legend, transparency and mutual help take precedence over personal interests and work towards the same goal : the valorisation of the appellations.

The independent winemakers

The appellations include about fifty estates. About twenty of them have got together to form a S.I.C.A. (Agricultural collective) called ALTEMA, which allows them to bring together their savoir-faire, meet up, buy equipment, exchange technical opinions, their daily work, etc…

The cooperative cellars

About 150 cooperators spread over three cellars : the Cave de Crouseilles, Plaimont Producteurs and the Cave de Castelnau Rivière Basse.

The Maison des Vins

Come and meet us !

Created ten years ago, the Maison des Vins is located in the heart of the village of Madiran. It’s a living space where the Madiran winemakers meet regularly to taste and exchange views.
The Maison des Vins offers a chance to discover the different terroirs and the Madiran wines with free and varied tastings of wines from different estates and cellars in the appellation. A lovely way to start an adventure on our terroir!

Maison des vins de madiran

How to contact us?

4, rue de l'église - 65700 Madiran
05 62 31 90 67

De Septembre à Juin : lundi, mardi, jeudi et vendredi de 9h à 13h et de 14h à 17h
Juillet et Août : 7j/7 de 10h30 à 13h et de 14h à 18h30

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