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Madiran wines

Madiran wines, charismatic, modern and adaptable

Madiran is a singular wine.

Intense and endowed with delicate aromatic richness. Ample and dense, it is characterised by a lovely freshness and silky tannins.

The production of Madiran

Research is bubbling among Madiran winegrowers

The control and the maturity of the tannins is one of the priorities of the Madiran winegrowers : the perfect maturity of the grapes, duration of the vatting, extraction methods or even experiments on short or long macerations are carried out and revised (remontage (pumping-over), délestage (rack and return), pigeage (punch down)…) in a process of sharing expertise and pooling resources. A minimum of one years ageing (until 15th October of the year following the harvest) is an obligation to obtain the PDO.

The Madiran ranges

Madiran cannot be summed up as a single profile of wines, they are multiple. Nonetheless the signature of the appellation and its gourmet taste remain recognisable immediately. There are two styles of wines that each corresponds to different moments.

Madiran first range

The heart of the range

The ‘heart of the range’, also called Madiran ‘Tradition’, are the result of the blending of Tannat and the Cabernets. The wine is aged for a minimum of one year, mainly in vats. Nevertheless, part of the blend can spend some time in oak barrels. These are intense, fresh and fruity wines.

Madiran second range

The top of the range

Top of the range Madiran are matured in oak barrels for several months giving gourmet wines that are perfect for pairing with specific dishes of character. Best served between 16 and 18°C.
The ‘top of the range’ are wines where the Tannat is very dominant. They benefit from ageing for a minimum of a year in oak barrels. These are strong and elegant wines marked by aromas of toasted bread, leather, liquorice and spices. There are also some exceptional wines that highlight the finest terroirs in the appellation that are the pride of the Madiran wines.

Ambassador wines

Every year a blind tasting is organised to designate the wines that best represent the appellations of Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh throughout the year. This election takes place every year and the selected wines will be used to promote the appellation during different operations : samples are sent to the press, to the Madiran Maison des Vins for tastings or used during the numerous events organised by the syndicate and its partners

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