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Way of Life

Madiran : a warm and friendly little appellation

The particularity of our territory is that nearly all of our winemakers do not only work the vines, but also practice mixed farming with cereals and livestock.

A few years ago, the Madiran territory was mainly focused on livestock and cereal faming. The landscape, a playground for farmers, was structured in such a way that plots of land were divided according to its use: cultivation, livestock and vines. As some say: “It makes it possible to not put all your eggs in one basket!” Today, the consumption patterns have changed and although livestock farming has greatly reduced, the farming of cereals is still important and viticulture has increased.

Mixed and stock farming

Mixed farming is the DNA of our territory

Today, a great majority of the winemakers are both winemakers and cereal farmers, only a minority of them live on vines alone.
Mixed farming is historically the specificity and identity of the territory because the topography of the appellation is steep : the good terroirs are destined for the vines and the bottom of the slopes where the soil is richer are destined for the cereals and what is left is for the livestock.
Why so much corn?: Because the climate is hot and humid, corn being a tropical plant, flourishes perfectly on our land, not forgetting that it is also used to feed the duck farms.

Our values

When we say Southwest France, what do you think of first ?

Our strength is in meeting, sharing, exchanging, partying, in short: conviviality! This is why still today lots of village festivals traditionally gather all the locals around the same table thus allowing a great social mix between people that would probably not have the opportunity to rub shoulders with each other regularly.
Thus, all different professions, all different generations get together to meet and mingle. We know how to welcome, receive and to make you feel at home; you will certainly come back or you may never leave !

Our appellation’s grape varieties are unique and we cultivate the difference compared to other appellations. The personality and the way in which our appellations work by the cohabitation and the good understanding on the same territory of the cooperative and independent winegrowers that work together and share their savoir-faire.

We know that no satisfactory result will come without effort or attention, our rhythm of life adapts to that of nature, even when it is temperamental, our wines need nurturing before they can be presented to you.

Solidarity is inseparable from our method of organization, we also want to unite a strong community around us. This solidarity demonstrates our confidence in mutual assistance and exchange in order to achieve the common objectives.

Harmony as a value of fulfillment: we act in such a way in that we integrate ourselves in an environment, to be complementary to the people around us or those that appreciate our products.

It is a value that can allude to sharing, but also to an awakening of the senses. When an experience makes an impression and it’s shared, the memories are stronger and you are inspired to tell the story, for this we welcome you.

the French paradox

the benefits of ‘Made in Southwest’

With a life expectancy scientifically confirmed as the highest in France, the diet of the Gers people, made up from fresh produce and a glass of Madiran is clearly a proven daily prescription.
Rich in polyphenols by nature, antioxidants, the Tannat variety affirms its singularity through its composition it is by far the richest in anthocyanins and tannins of all known grape varieties. From its historical heritage, its breathtaking landscapes, its wines with pronounced identities and its committed winemakers, Madiran can be proud of having pre-phylloxera vines and of celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018, all the while turning more than ever to the future.

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